24 hours printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional development design, production and sales of high-end gift box manufacturer, the company's products are divided into eight series, 5000 variety of specifications, such as high-end watch boxes, Gift boxes, gift boxes, cartons, wooden boxes, and so on, mainly in all kinds of exquisite wrapping paper, leather, velvet, knot boxes cartons, plastic boxes , And other domestic and foreign packaging materials, design and manufacture for high-level watches, perfumes, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, medals and a variety of valuable collectibles and other products packaging.

After years of development in the industry, our products in the material selection and structural design, has a unique novel, fashion and other characteristics, customers can print their own LOGO, can be specified by the customer material, color, can also provide physical samples or Artwork to proofing. The company has set up a R & D department, with the rapid development of new products, customers can develop all kinds of gift box for the customer's products provide the most efficient and sincere service and support.

In quality control, whether it is machine production or manual aspects, unified implementation of standardized operations. We have a strict quality control process, adhere to continuous technological innovation, and do not regularly organize cadres and employees outside the training lectures and the company's old and new staff operating skills and quality control training, which greatly enhance the company's management cadres Level and staff capacity, improve the company's full sense of quality. Quality inspection, we strictly in accordance with the control process and the requirements of customers to check, but also welcome customers to visit our factory inspection, guidance, and common learning.

Since its inception, we have the spirit of "reduce costs, ensure quality, stress credibility, prompt delivery" business purposes, the products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, at home and abroad have many customers, access to peer recognition and The majority of users of praise.

And strive to achieve each customer satisfaction is the 24-hour printing company's goal to welcome customers around the world to contact us, we will be able to provide our clients with more quality services and achieve win-win!


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